Would you like to live in a 109 year old Japanese house?


Recommended person
  • Want to live in an old folk house.
  • Want to be a guesthouse owner in the countryside.
  • Look for a property that can operate a coworking space.
  • Look for a property where I can stay at a private residence.
  • Look for a rental property in an old folk house.
We bought a 109-year-old folk house,Asked a designer & a carpenter specializing in old folk houses to renovate,Completed in November 2019.
We have introduced the latest equipment while retaining the texture of an old folk house, so you can live a very comfortable life.
Firefighting equipment construction (fire alarms, guidance, fire extinguishers) has also been completed.Ryokan business simple lodging business license acquired.
Showa retro shopping district area, the neighborhood is dotted with properties over 100 years old, and it is in an area where many tourists come and go.
There are supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, post offices, banks, city halls, and fire stations within walking distance, making it a very convenient location for living, but it is a quiet residential area with little traffic.
Country life
Guest house management
Slow life

The perfect environment for freelancers to stay for a long time.

The dirt floor has been renovated into a bright coworking space with natural lighting so that it can be operated as a co-living room.We have prepared three dormitory rooms so that you can monetize even with low rent so that you can take advantage of the unique advantages of the countryside where you can live at low cost.


Features① Storehouse on the premises

There is a two-story storehouse.The storehouse has not been renovated.There are many vintage tableware and chests of drawers, old fittings, and old unusable items.

西田邸 蔵

Features② All electrification

The kitchen is an IH stove, and the hot water supply is a large tank that is boiled with cheap midnight electricity.
Safe with less worry about fire.


Features③ Firefighting equipment construction

fire alarms, guidance, fire extinguishers,and more
Since the construction and inspection required to apply for a simple lodging permit have been completed, new owners can obtain it just by applying.

西田邸 簡易宿所許可証
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About Nishidatei


Built 109 years ago, with a storehouse.
This house was built by Mantaro Nishida, the chairman of the Ozu City Council.
A statue of Mantaro Nishida stands at the foot of Ozu Castle.
Since it was the house of a member of the Diet, I’m sure many customers visited Nishida’s residence.
Even now, there were a lot of tableware left for the hospitality that could be fully used.
In addition to many tableware, many good old furniture such as chests of drawers are left, so I would like people living in Nishida’s residence to use them.

About renovation

The dirt floor is a coworking space (can be used by about 10 people at the same time, with a toilet), a stairwell kitchen (fashionable commercial kitchen), toilet, shower unit (due to space issues and manageability), and a Japanese-style room on the 2nd floor Was made into a kitchen with DIY (completed in November 2019).
It is renovated while retaining the taste of an old folk house.
The manager’s room has also been renovated to create an industrial atmosphere (with a key).
In addition, the living room and dining room are still tatami mats, and the bran in each room has not been started, so it needs to be replaced.
There is no parking lot, but you can rent a monthly parking lot nearby.
It is also recommended as an investment property.
If you can purchase it, we will hand over the authority of HP and Google My Business as it is, so you can start business immediately.

What you can hand over
西田邸ワークスペース 西田邸廊下


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About Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture

大洲城Ozu Castle

Ozu City is located at the entrance of Nanyo, less than an hour’s drive from Matsuyama City, the prefectural capital of Ehime Prefecture.
Ozu City is called “Little Kyoto in Iyo”
A clear stream flows through the central part of the city, featuring old-fashioned cityscapes and beautiful countryside and mountains.
There are still many emotional sights such as historical, nostalgic and nostalgic places and beautiful places where you can enjoy the beautiful nature.
Taking advantage of such tourism resources, Ozu City is setting up tourism measures for inbound tourists.


Japan’s first “castle where you can stay”

It is a castle hotel for 2 people for 1 million yen per night.

Besides the castle, you can stay in the historic mansion of the castle town.



Initiatives② The tourist information center of Iyo-Ozu Station is certified as a “foreigner information center”

At least English-speaking staff are available so that foreign tourists visiting Ozu can enjoy their trip.

Participation in “Setouchi College”

In order to rediscover tourism resources and create attractive tourism products in Ozu City, we participate in the “Setouchi College” sponsored by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

“Setouchi College” is a program that discovers and disseminates information on the wonders of travel in this area, mainly in collaboration with universities in the Kansai region and the area in the Setouchi area.

Would you like to take over the guesthouse business at Nishidatei in the city of Ozu, which is actively promoting inbound measures and has momentum?
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Property description

※It will be land with an old house (delivered as it is)

Asking priceBuy:15,000,000 yen
Rent:200,000 yen / month
Floor plan5LDK+Coworking space+Storehouse
RrafficJR Yosan Line Iyo-Ozu Station/1.4km,5minutes by car,20 minutes on foot
AddressOzu, Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture
Age109 years
Building116㎡(Total floor area 213㎡)
ParkingNone(Monthly parking lot 3000-6000 yen nearby)
Gaspropane gas
Current situationResident
Delivery timeConsultation
Facilitytoilet(with washlet)×2、washroom
(shampoo dresser)、shower unit、commercial kitchen、kitchen atrium、washing machine、clothes gas dryer、storehouse、courtyard、bunk bet×2
Peripheral facilities
  • 10 minutes on foot(800m)hot spring
  • 3 minutes on foot(260m)convenience store
  • 6 minutes on foot(450)supermarket
  • You can walk to the riverbed promenade of Hijikawa in 1 minute. You can take a walk while admiring the natural scenery.
  • There are many restaurants within walking distance.
  • There are tourist facilities such as Wolong Sanso, Ozu Castle, Red Brick Room, and Pokopen Yokocho within walking distance.
  • Ryokan business simple lodging business license acquired.It can be opened immediately as a guest house on Airbnb.
  • There are many tableware and furniture left by the former landlord.(Stored in a storehouse)
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In spring, Ozu Castle is full of cherry blossoms, and many rape blossoms are in bloom along the Hijikawa River, which is very beautiful.
In autumn, mountains such as Mt. Tomisu turn red.
Why don’t you live at the knees of Ozu Castle, which is rich in nature?
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